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I have told so many of my single male and female friends about your site and hopefully they'll be signing up soon.I am a very picky person and I didn't think I could ever find some one Persian who is good enough but I did find him.We were led to believe a new Iran had arrived with President Hassan Rouhani. It’s Jeremy Corbyn – the Labour leader must now come out and demand Nazanin’s release.The UK bought into the lie that Iran had turned into a Scandinavian social democracy overnight: Rouhani the Moderate. We have since seen that the Islamic Republic is the same beast it’s been since its inception in 1979; only now it’s more powerful than ever, and wants money from Britain in order to release Nazanin. Corbyn has the power not to pay Iran a penny and still free Nazanin – that’s how respected he is in Iran.

I love her from all my heart and soul, and i will always remember how i actually met her. I met some women that I definitly was compatible with.

Thank you again for making the impossible, so possible and god bless you all. Infact I may have even made fun of people who used your service! She lived on the east coast and I live in California. In any case the reason I am writting this email is, the other night we were up late at night and my wife asked how our lives would have been so very different if it wasn't for the email I had sent.

Well I am writting to you to give you credit where it is due. So we felt we owed it to you guys to sent you an email and acknowledge the benefit you are providing to all iranians. would like to thank all of you for this great system you have set up. Hello Fellow iranians, "We met each other through the ISN site some ten months ago and the rest is history.

In fact, I have received so many messages that I have had difficulty just to keep up with responding to them.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to remove the photo until further notice, since I already have so many correspondents.

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