Dating a childless man

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From the single women I know that are dating non-dads that is not true.

Many of them are either with men of similar class levels(i.e.

These women are between the ages of 25-35, and some of these women had children out of wedlock, the rest are divorced moms--no one is a widow.

I should add however, that only ONE of these women has more than one child out of wedlock but she is in a long term relationship so it didn't detour her.

A woman with a kid is a lot of baggage to take on for a serious relationship, he's essentially becoming a father to a kid he didn't even father.

It's much easier for single dads because most don't have custody of their kids so they can and women are more tolerant of that than men.

what difference does it make to my normal routine of dating women with no kids- none.

You know that saying "single mother, find another", well that applies here. There have been a few times in the past that I was tempted to smash some single moms, who were down for putting out but thankfully I came to my senses.

But in the mommy circles I hang out with(since I am a mom) most of the women are educated and are with men of similar financial standing.

And that goes for women that are married, cohabiting, single, etc. a stigma, online especially, that single mom's have a very hard time dating and marrying, but in reality I don't know how true it is.

When I was single and childless I wouldn't have dated a man with a child.

I'm now engaged with a child, so that changes the picture--if my so and I ever divorced then I would probably go for dads with children more so then I would men without--it would just make things easier.

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